Carolina Coastal Net Services

Let Carolina Coastal Net Services help you get your website noticed!

My name is Joe and with years of online web design experience and search engine optimization (SEO) skills, I have the knowledge to get your business website up and running.

I believe a website should be:

  • easy to navigate
  • colorful
  • simple in design
  • easy to update

I prefer using the wordpress style of web design. Even though I do use other themes, my wordpress theme of choice is Thesis.   The customization options using Thesis is, in my experience, are second to none.

I prefer not to use wordpress plugins and instead create "custom functions" for a particular attribute or specialized function I may need for my sites.

I use colorful and stylish "call to action" buttons to get site visitors to:

I believe in using plenty of "white space", that is not crowding sentences and paragraphs close together.

I also write my website text in "bytes", that is not writing overly long sentences or paragraphs that contain more than 2 or 3 sentences.

I believe in "one page, one thought", that is keeping the page subject on track. Expressing one idea or product on that one page.

Preventing "information paralysis", that is more about keeping extraneous page information to a minimum as not to give the visitor to much to think about.

These are some of the basic design principles and ideas I use when building or designing a website. They come mostly from my experiences and the experiences of other successful web designers. These basic principles work and are time tested.

I’m a small shop and, therefore, can provide personal service. I have my own dedicated internet server and would love the chance to talk to any business owner looking to start an online presence. I'm especially interested in small businesses within the Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand area.

Please feel free to contact me via this form and lets talk.